Gender Identity Bullying

Gender Identity Bullying

You can probably imagine that kids who don’t conform to traditional gender roles are often bullied.

But, by their own families?


Because acting in ways that change gender norms “goes against the grain” of our sensibilities. For many in our culture, gender identity issues are not only outside the box, they defy the box all together.

That makes people nervous.

Not all kids who experiment with their gender identity end up being apart of the LGBT community. For some, it’s a phase, for others, it’s not. Often, it’s far less black-and-white than popular culture might recognize.

Nonconforming gender behaviors occur in 1 out of 10 kids, and support from families often can make or break their transition into adulthood, regardless of whether the child sticks with their gender preferences.

“I went through various stages of depression,” says Cory (born Anneke) Seguin. “The only reason why I’m here right now is because of all the support my family gave me.”

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